Galaxy S III Review – TechRadar’s Take On The New Galaxy

We’ve already told you what The Verge thinks of Samsung’s latest smartphone. Now let’s take a look at what TechRadar has to say.

Galaxy S3 in Palm of Hand

Right from the start of their review, Tech Radar are critical about the plastic design.

The plastic feeling of the Galaxy S3 won’t appeal to all. It feels very lightweight (despite tipping the scales at 133g) in the hand, and some people will read this as feeling a little cheap.

It’s a similar opinion to what The Verge offered, and we can see that this will be a common theme amongst Galaxy S3 reviews. But all is not lost! Tech Radar did have some kinder words to say about the physical aspects of this device.

But in the hand, the Samsung Galaxy S3 feels superb. The design contours well against the palm, and while the screen size may be a little big for some (you’ll need a bit of shuffling to reach the upper section of the screen) it’s definitely useable in the hand.

Based on sales figures for the Galaxy S2, we’d hazard a guess that there is definitely a market for large screen smartphones. Continue reading

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Galaxy S III Review – Hands On With The Verge

Samsung has been quick to promote their Galaxy S3 smartphone. And not just with promotional material – they’ve actually been getting the phone in the hands of real people. This is a vast improvement on the launch of the Galaxy S2, where we were waiting for months before we could get a reliable hands-on of the finished product.

One of the finest review sites out there – The Verge – has published a detailed hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s well worth checking out if you’re in the market for this smartphone.

Galaxy S3 Smartphone, as seen on The Verge

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