Galaxy S3 Released in Australia

The Galaxy S3 has been launched today, on many different carriers around the world. One of the first places to get Samsung’s new smartphone will be down under, in Australia. Virgin Mobile have just the phone live on their website – available for $5 per month on a $59 plan.

Virgin Mobile Australia

Check out Virgin’s website for more info on the plan & pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Australia. For now they’ve only got the 16GB White version available, but more variations should be coming in the near future.

If you order now, you should be able to get the 16GB White version within a couple of days. For the 16GB Pebble Blue version, you’ll be waiting until late June.

Check out our Pricing Page for more information about where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s available for pre-order today from Amazon and other retailers.

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