Galaxy S III Review – Hands On With The Verge

Samsung has been quick to promote their Galaxy S3 smartphone. And not just with promotional material – they’ve actually been getting the phone in the hands of real people. This is a vast improvement on the launch of the Galaxy S2, where we were waiting for months before we could get a reliable hands-on of the finished product.

One of the finest review sites out there – The Verge – has published a detailed hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s well worth checking out if you’re in the market for this smartphone.

Galaxy S3 Smartphone, as seen on The Verge

The Verge seems to like the Galaxy S III – apart from a few issues with the plastic feel. It’s not that this phone is cheap, or not built solidly. It’s apparently very solid, but just feels cheap.

The main takeaway when you first pick up the Galaxy S III is that it’s surprisingly light. It weighs over 130 grams, so it isn’t that much of a featherweight, but the sensation of holding it is one of weightlessness. It almost feels hollow. We’re not huge fans of this, we appreciate a bit more of a reassuring heft.

For those of you who like big screens, the Galaxy S III won’t disappoint. Although, according to The Verge, it doesn’t feel like a big phone in your hand.

Like the HTC One X, this is a supersized handset that doesn’t feel like it. The 4.8-inch display doesn’t overwhelm you, which is mostly down to Samsung melting down the bezel on its sides and minimizing what little there is above and below.

Check out the full review for more details, and let us know what you think in the comments. Will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy S III?

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